A downloadable game for Windows

Chasing Dollars is a game about chasing dollars and living the high life. Get rowdy. 

WASD for movement, mouse for looking around. Will add dance pad support if we hit $5.

Note - fixed the quit menu, pressing escape will now open an "exit" option which can be used by clicking on it. You can press escape again to close the menu.

Note: Redux - The latest version (v3) contains royalty free audio, making it illegible for a game jam. The previous two versions however are completely original works. The latest version is the best current version for non-game-jam purposes.

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Run the application to play the game. 


WeeklyGameJam13_v3.zip 15 MB
WeeklyGameJam13_v2.zip 15 MB
WeeklyGameJam13_v1_(ORIGINAL).zip 15 MB